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If you require a new car battery, P & B Tyres provides a full car battery replacement service and can dispose of your old one for you. Your car battery is at the heart of your vehicle's electrical systems and is the only source of power to get your car started, so it's important that you check yours regularly. Flat batteries are one of the main reasons for breakdown calls in the UK, especially on cold mornings, and you'll only really know something is wrong when your car doesn't start.

If you are at all concerned about the age or charging capability of your car battery, don't leave it until your car won't start, call in to see us and we will carry out a free and thorough check. Find out more about our free car battery testing service.

Your car battery is usually situated under the bonnet of your car. However, there are some vehicle manufacturers that put the battery under the rear passenger seat or in the boot of the car; generally, these positions are more common on large executive vehicle models.


Vehicles like Mercedes, Porsche, Rolls Royce and Mitsubishi can sometimes have two batteries, generally where the engine size is large. 

You must be very careful when handling a car battery, as they are heavy and contain sulphuric acid, which is highly corrosive and must not come in contact with your skin or eyes.

Car Battery and Jumper Cables
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